Cartoon Network and Whoever made this lame show.
United States of America

Naruto is one of the lamest shows ever!

It is a lame show about a retarded spiky-haired ninja who fights and learns along-side his lame partners. This show A. Is perverted
B. Is lame C. Is corrupting our youth D. It uses sick and gross humor
E. Steals popularity from shows that actually try to gain popularity. and
F. It is changing the way our kids and friends act. It is a terrible show that must be banned or ended.

PLEASE help end the madness because it is spreading to quickly and it has caused anime to enter Sonic, and it is stealing a whole lot of popularity from France's Code Lyoko.

We want this show to be banned from the United States of America or at least New York.

We want them to just finish the show and end it with the Series Finally so the fans don't get too mad at us naruto haters and ask that it will stop being constantly played and so shows like Code Lyoko can recover from the unpopularity and regain what Naruto took from them: Their popularity.

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