#Animal Welfare
WA State Government and Live Animal Export Trade

Dear friends,

For four years Animals Australia has been fighting for justice on behalf of the victims of the live animal export trade through the West Australian legal system. 10,000 of sheep die on route to countries like the Middle EAst when exported live of starvation, dehydration and disease.

Upon arrival to their destination they are treated horrifically including having their throats slit fully conscious in full view of other sheep (sheep are intelligent and intuitive animals). Tied up and put in car boots in over 40 degree heat to travel long distances to then be slaughtered.

WE WANT LIVE ANIMAL EXPORT TO END. Instead animals can be slaughtered humanely then exported refrigerated or frozen overseas.

We, the undersigned support Animals Australia's fifth investigation in the Middle East which has exposed widespread abuse of exported Australian animals. WE Urge Prime Minister Rudd to end this immoral and indefensible industry.

www.animalsaustralia.org AND http://www.animalsaustralia.org/features/because_this_is_wrong/take_action.php

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