#Law Reform
Men and Women divorced married or contemplating marriage

Canadians – did you know that if you get divorced, and you have to pay spousal support and your (former) spouse remarries that you are still on the hook for the spousal support?


I thought if you got remarried that your former spouse did not have to pay anymore alimony. WRONG!

Under recent case law decisions supported by powerful women’s lobby groups the spouse (usually the woman) continues to receive spousal support, basically until one of you dies. And just to make sure that you do not die first, you must maintain life insurance coverage of you - in your ex-wife’s name - just in case you die first she will get the insurance to cover the time that you would be paying her support.

Its true – I am paying my ex-wife who is remarried and her new husband is making just as much as me ( I have the kids) but I have to pay her $1100.00 per month because she only makes minimum wage at the store she works, regardless of what her new husband makes.

This is nonsense; if you remarry you should not receive any further money from your ex!

You must be allowed to live your life (after divorce). If you need further information you can contact me, but I ask that you support this petition, and pass it on to others.

Stand up men – these women’s groups have been running Canada long enough, we need to bring the pendulum back to where it belongs – justice for both men and women!!!

Ladies, would you marry a guy who was divorced who still had to pay his ex even though she was remarried?

Guys would you want your new wife to be receiving money from her ex-husband?

How many husbands is she allowed to have pay her support?

We demand that the Government of Canada add to the current Divorce Law to include a clause that prevents ex-spouses from receiving support payments if they remarry or five years – what ever comes first.

We need to have justice for both men and women – end the misandry.

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