#Animal Rights
Newfoundland and Labrador Humane Society

Hundreds of thousands of horses and foals have been slaughtered for food in Canada to be sold as 'gourmet meat' in foreign markets. Last year, more than 62,000 horses were slaughtered in Canada. Slaughtered horses are often companion animals, which were raised for various other purposes: work, racing, riding and as pets. When the value of the animal decreases, many are shipped to abattoirs where they will be slaughtered and sold as foreign cuisine. Horses are intelligent, emotional creatures, who suffer under the conditions of the route to the slaughterhouse. This is one of Canada's secret shames. Help put an end to this senseless horse slaughter.

We, the undersigned, request the Parliament of Canada to enact legislation against the slaughter of horses and sale of horse meat for human consumption.

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