The right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper

It is a well known fact Canada has had a homeless/housing crisis for the past two decades at least, it is also a known fact poverty issues have increased in our country over time and it is also well known many Canadians have already lost their jobs this year alone and many more are going to, those are only some of the issues Canadians are facing on a daily basis.

We need a new national housing strategy which is something our current Government has refused to discussed with their Provincial counter part. we need our Federal Government to be more proactive in dealing with our issues etc.

We: The citizens of Canada are requesting our current Prime Minister Mr. Stephen Harper and his Government to take their responsibility and deal with our own domestic issues properly which we don't feel they are doing, we want our Government to act responsibly and care enough for all Canadian citizens and not just a minority as they do.

We are requesting for the Government to take any meaningful actions to address poverty and homeless now in our country and not with another 5, 10 or 20 year plan. We want our Government to recognize these issues are there because of Governments policies and this practice needs to end now before Canada go further down it's downward spiral has it has been for the past 2 decades or so.

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