#Law Reform
Mayor Joe Lee
United States of America

Skateboarding in the Village of Hilton keeps the people of the community active. It is a great way for people to get outdoors and exercise.

People who use skateboarding as a hobby or a sport do not intend to cause problems in the village, but to be outside and do something they enjoy.

Skateboarding, like other sports, has sponsors and professionals. Like other sports with sponsors and professionals, it should not be outlawed in the Village of Hilton. Skateboarding is a common interest throughout the community.

A law like this punishes all skateboarders, not just the ones who are causing problems in the community.

Skateboarding should be allowed in the Village of Hilton, New York. There needs to be reform to the Anti Skateboarding Law.

The law should target only those who are clearly causing some sort of harm or putting people in danger. The law as it is, is too general and is targeting any and all skateboarders in the Village of Hilton.

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