#Animal Rights
The United Nations

Quite simply all is described on video in the link above.

You have no excuse whatsoever not to sign after you have seen this. There was another petition which gained nearly 900,000 signatures in less than 10 days but the site seems to have been corrupted - I wonder by whom? I humbly request that you email this link to your friends and families and urge them to do the same.

If we lobby the United Nations to apply pressure on Japan perhaps they'll find some other purpose which might be a distraction from waging war.

We, the undersigned, humbly urge the General Assembly of the United Nations to bring to bear pressure on the Government of Japan to end the merciless slaughter of innocent dolphins for the purpose of supplying restaurants with a perverted delicacy.

We, furthermore, declare our horror of this practice and our insistence that the Japanese Government withdraw its consent to this outrage.

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