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Daylight Saving Time is a waste of time with only losers.

Daylight Saving TIme (DST), also known as summer and winter time, lengthens daylight time during the summer months in Europe. The original goal was to reduce energy consumption for lighting. While DST may have been effective in the past, this is no longer true today due to the wide use (also imposed by the EU) of modern lighting sources.

It is claimed that DST has many other advantages, such as higher traffic safety, offering the possibility of more physical excercise and promoting retailing. However, in all research done since the introduction of DST in the 1970's none of these advantages has ever been proved.

The disadvantages of DTS, however, are all too real. These vary from sleep disruption, particularly in young children and the elderly to higher IT costs to administer the time change correctly. The known costs for European citizens are estimated to be tens of billions of euro a year.

We, the undersigned, call on the European Union (European Parliament, European Commission and European Council) to repeal the 1981 directive and successive directives mandating the twice-yearly changing from summer to winter time and vice versa.

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