#Animal Welfare
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30 Billion chickens are kept in battery cages around the world every year. 10% will die in their tiny squalid cages from neglet and starvation, and this is just the recorded deaths.

A factory farmed chicken spends its life in darkness, fed growth hormones that make its full life cycle last only 3 months. Imagine going from a baby to 80 years old in 3 months, well that's what happens to chickens. We are not against people eating chickens, we are against chickens being factory farmed.

We want chickens to be kept free range where they have plenty of space to roam around and to not be pumped full of chemicals and growth hormones. Every signature really does help. Please sign.

We, the undersigned, call upon governments to ban the use of chickens produced by 'factory farming' or 'battery farming'.

Free range farming is the only way forward.

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