#Consumer Affairs
MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, Virgin and all other networks directly involved!

So I won't need to explain much as it's definitely happened to all of us where cell phone networks are shafting us for our airtime with ridiculous unjustifiable cell phone rates and on top of that all 3rd party applications to Bill us for ungodly amounts while the networks are very well informed of the problem there seems there is no urgency to stop the money coming in no matter how ruthless it is. There are poor people trying to get jobs or phoning their sick loved ones. They load R60 airtime and before the can even convert to Data your airtime is gone if it was even able to load in the first place.

I'm now at my ends with these massive corporates who think they can keep hiding behind red tape and press 1 for this and press 2 for that and then start over! It's got to stop we need to speak as one voice mad from Hell!

Sign this partition, share it, like it, print it because we going to the top and we taking back our tower! No more shit communication! Its our human right to communicate! Let's not even start with the poor network coverages etc etc just sign it and lets do this once and for all!

We the people of South Africa are demanding fair communications and usage agreements with safe protocols that protect the people's interest and not the network Giants that have been sucking the life out of us for years with there malicious and unrighteous ways!

We demand honest answers from the top and we want to see plans in place of how they intend to resolve this problem and reimburse the consumers of South Africa the money they have dishonorably acquired via extreme methods of extortion!

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