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Gteek Government, Office of the European Commisioner for Human Rights

Short after the election of the contemporary Greek government on the 20th of June 2012, politicians and journalists started launching a contemporary “Witch Hunt” against immigrants, refugees and non occidental foreigners in Greece in general.

They had preannounced this so called "swiping operation", a term which in itself refers to undocumented migrants as human waste, as a means of putting the problem of irregular migration under control. The application of this policy implies an intensive policing of urban centres (mainly of Athens) with subsequent brutalization of thousands of Asian and African migrants during identifications, evacuations and arrests.

Undocumented persons that are getting arrested are being piled up in provisory deportation centres for an indefinite amount of time, with the aim to be expelled to unknown destinations. This strategy constitutes a crucial demonstration of power in the interior, in order to anticipate for the loss of international prestige of the country surmounted by depths and to win votes from smaller parties of the extreme right in favour of the current governmental coalition.

Its application managed to release in record time all kinds of reactionary forces supporting national cleansing within the daily public discourse. It moreover armed the hand of fascists to commit racist crime in broad daylight. This pogrom is currently carrying on and escalating further to the province, until "the total extinction of the problem of Bogus Migration", according to the prime minister's declaration. In the meantime, migrants and refugees survive in daily terror hiding and unable to fulfil the plainest daily functions in fear of brutalization.

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We as world citizens demand the ending of the current ruthless pogrom against migrants and refugees taking place in Greece on behalf of the authorities.

We believe these policies of migration flows management to be by no means good practices, conducted on a basis of respect towards human rights. Instead, we find them to constitute an ecumenical disgrace for the degree and intensity of abuse they represent concerning all non occidental foreigners indiscriminately.

Such legal, normalized violent practices rely on- and stoke neo-Nazi ideological foundations. This fact is proved both, by the rigid pace and extend of diffusion of nationalist & racial hate they legitimized in record time within the Greek society and by the voluntary contribution of neo-Nazi gangs alongside the interventions of formal repressive mechanisms for the purpose of this type of “country cleansing” (swiping operation) as the Greek government put it.

We consider the trans-nomination of the overt brutalization of destitute individuals of non-Greek citizenship from police units to “Operation Xenios Zeus” [Hospitable Jupiter] a tragic irony, a reversal of historical and linguistic rationality that will mark from now on the values of the Modern Greek civilization.
We denounce daily fascist and racist violence to be causes of criminality rise in contemporary Greece. We deny offering our silent support to this ongoing crime, in defence of our humanity, our youth and the future.

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