#Human Rights

Recently, Bolt has decided to put in place, and enforce discriminatory policies regarding the age of posters on certain boards.

Their stance is that posters on boards falling under the category of "sex and Dating" need to be 24 years of age and under. It is important to note that boards such as "Marriage and Commitment" "Long Distance relationships" "Abstinence" "Birth Control" and many other relatively innocuous boards fall under this heading.

This is not simply a meeting place for teens looking to flirt, but a place where people can discuss, ask questions, and look for answers. Sometimes it is people a bit older, who have lived a bit longer, who are best suited to answer these questions.

Please help us put an end to Bolt's discriminatory practices, and let them know that you value all members of the Bolt community- recognizing them all as an important part of this site.

We, the undersigned, ask that you recognize all people equally. That you put an end to biased and discriminatory practices, and that you cease to police people's posts based on their age alone. We ask that you uphold equally our right to the freedom of speech, and that you not tell us who may, or may not, be a part of this public community. We ask that you keep your site safe, by moderating the boards, not through looking for a quick fix and setting an arbitrary age limit on some. Bolt, please reconsider your policies, and allow all members to share their lives, thoughts, and experiences in a safe, and respectful manner. Put an end to your unfair discrimination, and give us back the community that Bolt once was- open, and welcoming, to all who wish to speak responsibly with other people, of many ages- from around the world.


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