LeBron James
United States of America

As a loyal fan, I have watched for years as LeBron James has been chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player in history. From the teenage boy on the cover of Sports Illustrated, to that Sterling debut against Sacramento, 25 consecutive against Detroit, MVP, Finals MVP, and now the King, it has been a marvel to watch. Well, the time has come when LeBron should follow in the footsteps of "his airness" and transcending the sport by accepting his inevitable baldness. Lebron's hair- or lack thereof- has been a source of ridicule, disrespect, and the source of countless hilarious memes. It is clearly a distraction to his team, a negative influence on his brand, and an embarrassment to his fans....what about the kids LeBron? He cannot imagine the pain felt by his fans when all of our arguments for his rightful place on the basketball Mt Rushmore come crashing down with the mention of a headband. By signing this petition, we are asking LeBron to free himself and his fans from the torture of defending a hairline that resembles the Bat-signal. For "King James" to ascend to his proper place, the place I know he deserves, we need him to release that hamburger helper on his head and astro turf on his chin. It is time for him to give up this fight against nature and all common sense, and fire his barber!!! No disrespect to the GOAT, but we need you LeBron. The Kids man.....the Kids

We, the undersigned call upon the family of LeBron James, his representatives, his sponsors, his friends, the city of Akron, St. Vincent-St Mary High, the city of Cleveland, the NBA, Dwayne Wade, Shaq, Tyronn Lue, Rihanna, Jay-z, Kendrick Lamar, the banana boat crew, Michael Jordan, Larry Nance (Sr and Jr), Rogaine, the Hair Club for men, King T'Challa, and Jesus (Shuttlesworth) to demand that LeBron James remove all hair from his head (scalp, chin, ears, nose, wherever!).

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