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Our group’s mission is to update the existing, out of date, city animal regulations by working with the community, law enforcement, city council, and animal control. It is our mission to put in place common sense regulations that provide a set standard of living requirements for animals that the law can enforce.

The current Ordinances as stated, in Chapter 91 of the Huntington Code of Ordinances, are outdated, vague and hard to enforce.

Please see the current ordinances along with the proposed updates:

Every owner or his agent within the city shall see that their animal:

(B) Has sufficient and wholesome food and water, which is proper and nutritional for that species of animal.

Proposed updates:
1.That potable water is accessible to the animal at all times, either free flowing or in a clean receptacle.
2.If the water is kept in a container, this container shall be designed sufficiently to prevent tipping and spilling of the water contained therein. If necessary to accomplish this, the container shall be secured to a solid structure or secured in the ground. Watering containers shall be kept clean, kept out of sun, and must be emptied and refilled with fresh water at least once a day
3.The dog shall be provided food, which shall be free from contamination and it shall be wholesome, palatable, and have sufficient quantity and nutritive value to meet the normal daily requirements for the condition and size of the animal.
*(Please see attachment for full details on all updates)

(C) Has a proper and adequate structure provided that will protect that animal from all elements of the weather and will allow that animal to stand, sit, and lie down without restriction, and is kept in a sanitary manner.

Proposed updates:
•Any shelter which does not protect the animal from temperature extremes or precipitation, or which does not provide adequate ventilation or drainage, shall not comply with this section. Any shelter, all bedding and any spaces accessible to the animal shall be maintained in a manner which minimizes the risk of the animal contracting disease, being injured, or becoming infested with parasites.
1.Provide sufficient shade to allow the dogs kept outdoors to protect themselves from the direct rays of the sun, when sunlight is likely to cause overheating or discomfort.
2.Be constructed and maintained so that the dog contained therein has convenient access to clean food and water
3.The Kennel or Yard will have a shelter so the dog can get out of elements.
4.The fenced or kennel area be cleaned and maintained in a manner designed to insure the best possible sanitary conditions. Excreta shall be removed from the shelter as often as necessary . Rugs, blankets or other bedding material shall be kept clean and dry.
*(Please see attachment for full details on all updates)

(K) Is properly restrained

Proposed updates:
•It shall be unlawful for any person to tether, fasten, chain, tie, restrain or cause a dog to be fastened, chained, tied or restrained to houses, trees, fences, garages or other stationary or highly immobile objects by means of a rope, chain, strap or other physical restraint for the purpose of confinement, except in circumstances where all of the following requirements are met:
1.No animal shall be tethered by any rope, chain, cord, or other tying device directly attached to the animal's neck. The tethering device shall be attached to the animal's collar or harness, and shall have a swivel device on the anchor and collar end to prevent tangling of the animal.
2.Animals that must be restrained by tethering must wear a properly fitted leather or nylon collar or harness which does not employ a choker mechanism; however, the proper use of choker collars in the training of animals is permitted.
3.No person shall tether a dog in extreme weather conditions. Dog(s) must be in a temperature controlled area
4.No person shall tether more than one dog in a manner that permits physical contact between the tethered dogs
*(Please see attachment for full details on all updates)

We would like to see these laws amended to contain more detail, which would limit the time a dog can be chained outside, protect them from harmful weather temperatures, allow them to have access to usable food and water, and be provided with proper shelter, etc. Many poor conditions are allowed to happen because they fit within these vague laws.

Please stand with us to better the lives of our four-legged community members!

For more information on how you can get involved or more about the proposed law changes, please contact us at HCAOC91@gmail.com. Thank you!

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We, the undersigned, call on the City Council to pass the new proposed animal welfare laws.

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