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Were you aware that pets are categorized as agriculture under U.S. law, and are treated legally as mere possessions? All anyone wishing to breed needs is to be registered with the USDA (Dept of Agriculture) and many are in violation of even that one law. And to make matters worse, Internet puppy mills are exempt from any registration requirement, whatsoever.

This petition is to enact a new Federal law by which companion animals would be protected. It is called the Protected Animal Law.

All domestic animals and those who are used for profit, and unnecessary, cruel testing would fall within the confines of this law. There would be strict guidelines as to what animals would apply.

Those for food would remain under the agriculture law. Those who are not would fall under the new Protected Animal Law.
There would be boards setting and maintaining strict standards by which breeders, animal testers, and personal guardians would be required to conform to. Specifically, the non-profit canine breed-specific clubs would be in charge of setting and maintaining guidelines that all dog breeders would be regulated by.
Animal testers would have their own regulations, which would be overseen by non-profit organizations such as In Defense of Animals and the American Humane Society.
Personal guardian guidelines would pertain to care-related issues that would also be overseen by non-profit organizations who devote their cause to improving the lives of animals.

With strict guidelines enforcing this new Protected Animal Law, abusive puppy mills would cease to exist, innocent animals would be protected like never before, and personal guardians would be held more accountable for the overall care of their pets.

We, the undersigned, call on the Federal Government to enact this new Protected Animal Law, which would regulate how animals protected under this law are obtained, bred, and cared for.

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