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HB 123 pertains to dog attacks on service animals. In Pennsylvania there are currently over 1,000 service animals placed with a recipient. These include: Hearing Dogs, Guide/Leader Dogs, Dogs for the Disabled, Autism Assistance Dogs, Dogs for Injured Veterans and also Dogs for Diabetics.

In the US, 16 states have enacted such laws, Washington State has the best of examples with Layla's Law.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Pennsylvania Legislature to enact HB 123 and an amendment to its current wording.

We support the amendment to read as the following:
Any owner or co-owner of an unleashed animal by deliberate action whether or no in response to a command by it's owner whose received notice that his/her behavior or animal with disregard to a service/guide/assistance dog has obstructed, intimidated, jeopardized the safety or welfare, maimed, disfigured or killed a service/guide/assistance dog is guilty and is a misdemeanor of the second degree.

If convicted: The owner or co-owner of said individual or dog shall be ordered to make full restitution for all damage including incidental and consequential expenses incurred by the service/guide/assistance dog user which arise out of or are related to the criminal offense. These include: re-training of current guide/service/assistance dog, replacement costs for a new guide/service/assistance dog, all related veterinary costs and care expenses, replacement of necessary tools for service/guide/assistance dog which were damaged or destroyed and lost income/wages to said service/guide/assistance dog user. First offenses are a misdemeanor of the second degree punishable by fines no less than $500 and can exceed as much as $1,000. Second or repeat offenses are a Class C Felony punishable by fines of $5,000 and or jail.

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