DarkLand Servers

Emz and yngndrew are gamers and admins for DarkLand Servers. Both are game programmer, and she knows quite alot about LUA. Start listening to them Train and Darkspider (also other peeps), they'll do alot of good.

Darkspider should promote Emz & yngndrw to Super Admin and start listening to their great suggestions.

An example of emz's suggestions: " The server should be split into 2, with 32-34 slots each. This will reduce crashing, lag, and increase prop limit. "
Another suggestion is the vault system, which can be found in http://www.darklandservers.com/index.php?topic=9298.0

An example of yngndrw's work:
The spectating system. Yngndrw has created it for darkland's admins to use. He never recieved the reward he should have. Super admin.

Support this petition. Emz & Yngndrew for Super Admin '09.

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