#Students' Rights
Emory & Henry College Administration
United States of America

The Emory & Henry Townhouses, since their opening in Fall of 2017, has been a hot topic of conversation for the sense of community the new buildings have brought to campus. Though students are thankful for the new living options, many students currently residing in these townhouses have voiced their concern of over surveillance by the college. For every individual residence, there is a camera directly above it; raising concerns about the privacy of the students and the camera's ability to see through the front windows. With so many more issues facing the E&H community, we feel the money invested in surveillance could be better spent in other areas like lighting and/or printing. We hope to see Emory & Henry keep only one or two cameras per building.

The community of Emory & Henry College calls on the College's Administration to take down the excess cameras installed in the newly built townhouses.

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