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Emma Frost is one of the most important X men of all the time, she become an x men after being the white queen of the hellfire club and since then she never stop in helping young mutants to control their powers.

She is now the leader (with Cyclops) of the Astonishing XMen and one of the most powerful mutants around the world. She always been in the important comics and story lines (house of M, Civil War, Secret War).

In fact if the game will be based in civil war and secret war, why not include Emma?

Please sing the petition, she must be playable for all the fans like me that missed her in the previous game. She is powerful, beautiful, a true leader, ironic, with a sense of humor.

You can love or hate her, but ignore her?, NEVER!

She is the White Queen, she is a leader, she is a X MEN!!!!!!!!!

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