City of Edmonton

Whereas: Many health organisations and physicians advise avoiding pesticides, particularly for children, due to their impact on health;

Whereas: A study released in 2004 by the Ontario College of Family Physicians found that children exposed to pesticides, especially insecticides and herbicides used on lawns and gardens, had an increased risk of developing leukemia;

Whereas: Many scientific studies have shown pesticides to be linked with very serious illnesses including cancer, reproductive problems, and neurological diseases;

Whereas: leading Canadian organisations such as the Canadian Cancer Society(AB/NT ) and the Edmonton Capital Region Medical Staff Association have advised against the use of chemical pesticides;

Whereas: Over 160 Canadian communities, and the entire province of Quebec, and Ontario, now have bylaws restricting pesticide use:

Whereas: the use of chemical pesticides for lawn maintenance is unnecessary because healthy, organic, effective alternatives are available:

We, the undersigned, petition the City of Edmonton to support a pesticide bylaw that would eliminate the use of non-essential pesticides on public and private property.

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The Eliminate the use of cosmetic pesticides in Edmonton, AB petition to City of Edmonton was written by Susan Cubitt and is in the category Health at GoPetition.

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