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Back on April 20th of 2010, Diana Lagotic, Director of Elementary Curriculum, called for the repeal of Policy 5511.01. This policy contained the pre-2010 dress code. It was then replaced by the policy of 5511 with Amendments to it. These Amendments thus required the wearing of a uniform.

The goal of the policy was to promote the safety and welfare of students and school officials. Uniforms in this policy also aimed to promote learning, as well as, “[Expressing] your individuality through personality and achievements, not outward appearances…” All of these goals are legitimate goals, and were ultimately achieved in the end. A portion of 5511.01, before it was repealed, stated that, “each student’s mode of dress and grooming is a manifestation of personal style and individual reference”. However, the current policy contradicts itself in stating that, “Uniforms… encourage you to express your individuality through personality…”

In the repealed section of the policy, the Board was fully right and constitutional in declaring that they, “Will not interfere with the right of the students and their parents to make decisions on their appearances.” Going back to the original dress code revives this promise to the students, and grants them their freedoms. The current dress code requires the basic uniform of both men and women to be a long or short-sleeved, solid colored collared blouse or polo, with plain, solid colored skirt, pants, walking shorts, jumpers, or skirts of corduroy, cotton, twill, or denim fabric. Jeans must be a solid color, under the current dress code, without color trims, embroidery, or other decorations.

Dresses may be worn but must be a solid color with short or long sleeves and follow the other requirements of this policy. Another part of the policy claims that no oversize or undersized clothing shall be worn, nor shall any clothing be worn with the waistband below the waist. The next policy in question states that hats, caps, bandannas, sweatbands, sunglasses, and bodily piercings (except for ears) are not permitted.

A new dress code serves as a single stitch of many needed to mend relationships between students and all school officials.

If the Board acts on our suggestions and modifies the dress code, it will furthermore be the responsibility of both parties to uphold these policies, and keep the stitch intact.

In conclusion, the signers of this petition support the following:
• No Visible Cell Phone Policies
• School Sponsored T-Shirts
• No decorations that may become a distraction, or have slogans, images, signs, or symbols that promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gang identification, or weapons.

The signers of this petition are asking the Board to consider alterations to the following elements of the dress code:
• Décor Policies
• Body Piercing and Headgear Policies
• Oversized and Undersized Clothing Policies
• The Basic Uniform Policies of Boys and Girls

We, the undersigned, call for immediate action to alter the dress code policy of Alachua County.

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