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The health industry has a health insurance proposal form which requires the insured to divulge health information of his or her parents. This is unfair as the insured is buying his or her own health insurance. Morever the insured would not know the true health information on his or her parents. The insurance agent also does not put emphasis on divulging such health information on the insured's parents by the insured. As a result if an insured' s claim can be rejected by the health insurance company because the insured did not disclose on the insurance proposal form that his or her parents had cancer. This is unfair to the insured as he or she has been paying the health insurance premium for more than 10 years. So the solution is to remove that question regarding the insured's parents health information. Health information should be about the insured and not his parents. After all the insured is buying his or her's insurance not his or her parents. I suspect insurance company had put the clause in to catch unsuspecting clients.

I, on behalf of all premium payers of health insured call on the Minister of Health to amend the Health Insurance Act to do away with the question regarding the information on the health of the insured's parents on the prospective insured health proposal. form. Too often the insurance company use the answer to this question as a loophole to avoid paying the health insurance claims.

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