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The Tunisian lawyer said the incumbent Tunisian authorities revitalized the anti-Hijab law, noting that “the implementation of this law sharply conflicts with the Tunisian Constitution, which stipulates that Tunisia is an Islamic country.”

Observers say the number of Tunisian women wearing hijab has been on the rise, including in universities.

The Higher Education Ministry had repeatedly asked university presidents to ban hijab-wearing students from entering university campuses.

The Tunisian laws on women rights had sparked a heated debate in the country, with Islamic parties asking that the western-styled legislation should be in conformity with the Islamic Shariah.

In an unprecedented move, a Tunisian female lawyer and human rights activist filed a lawsuit to revoke Law no. 108 of 1981, which bans Tunisian women from wearing hijab inside the state-run bodies.

Saida al-Akrami told IOL she is absolutely convinced that this controversial well-known law brazenly violates the basics rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that everyone has the right to freedom of religion and the right choose the clothes which suit him/her.

The Tunisian league for human rights, for its part, recently issued a statement, urging the authorities to put an end to their anti-Hijab campaign.

The heated debate which started on october the 6th 2006, has ended in a new law which states that Tunisian women can no longer wear the hijab!
The women which do, will firstly be watched constantly by the police and then forced to sign a form which says they will not wear the hijab ever again.
They will only be allowed to wear a head scarf which covers their heads however they must show some of their hair.

For those of you which has little knowledge of Tunisia, it is a Muslim-Arab country which is sadly the most western out of many of the Arab countries.

We call on the Tunisian Government to eliminate this ban as it is against Human Rights and Islam.

It is not right for Muslims in their own country to not be able to wear the Hijab. A couple of years ago the Niqab was banned in Tunisia and Turkey, and since the beginning of so called 'terrorism' then Tunisian women wearing Hijabs have been watched by the police and have been limited in job opportunities.

We are not asking for any specific people to sign this, you do not have to been a Muslim or Tunisian. But if you know in your heart that this is against the human rights then please help us and sign this petition so that we are able to stop this ban once and forever, because once one Muslim country bans the Hijab then many are likely to follow which leaves Muslim women unable to wear their chosen dress.

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