Code Pink
United States of America

Code Pink is a group of women against war that appealed to the city of Berkeley to send a letter to the local Marine Officer Recruitment center telling them that they were "unwelcome and unwanted intruders".

The city decided against sending the letter at a controversial council meeting, but while the text had been widely publicized and the intentions had been well known, the council almost unanimously voted against sending an apology to the recruiters for their intended disrespect in the contents of the letter.

The council also voted on giving special protest rights to Code Pink that included giving them a parking spot in a busy commercial area weekly at a designated time with the intention of "removing sidewalk blockage", and waiving the fees for six months worth of sound permits.

The legality of these actions still have yet to be ascertained, and while the Mayor promised to give similar privileges to other groups, he remains unreceptive to the requests of opposing organizations.

We, the undersigned, call for the revocation of Code Pink's parking permit and sound permits on the grounds that equal treatment has not been willingly forthcoming for other groups and that these permits are detrimental to the business conducted in downtown Berkeley, as parking is precious and the amplified noise is disruptive to local businesses.

The goal of this petition is not to limit free speech, but rather to put everyone on an equal footing and minimize the disturbance caused to uninvolved parties.

The Eliminate Favoritism for Code Pink in Berkeley petition to Code Pink was written by Kimberly Wagner and is in the category Military at GoPetition.