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City of Overland Park
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Chip seal is a fraction of the cost to apply and may be probably appropriate for specific purposes, but our neighborhood streets should NOT be one of them! It’s the cheapest option for a reason and it’s why no other city in Johnson County uses it on THEIR residential streets.

The sharp rocks (like broken glass) that remain on the surface are TOO dangerous for families to play kickball on or to ride a bike or scooter or skateboard on – all those outdoor activities that make a neighborhood attractive to young families.

The stories and photos of injured children and car damage which residents have shared with the city over the last 10+ years have fallen on deaf ears and despite them acknowledging that chip seal is the #1 concern of OP residents right now, they continue to defend their decision to use chip seal based on the quality for the cost. QUALITY??

Please sign if you agree so we can motivate the City Council and Public Works to find a better solution because OP residents DESERVE BETTER!

We the undersigned demand that the City of Overland Park STOP using CHIP SEAL on our neighborhood streets and replace with a higher quality resurfacing method! Re-prioritize funds in the 2021 budget to resolve the #1 concern of your residents NOW instead of giving away our tax dollars to commercial developers for projects that can wait. 

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