XGames, ESPN and sponsors

The growth of electric skateboarding has grown over the past few years and continues to grow. It’s expansion, help by various electronic innovations that have made Esk8 more accessible and more affordable, as well as some laws allowing riding on public roads and bike ways

Groups are forming around the globe. Riding in groups and sometimes getting together to race.

Adding electric skateboard racing will help drive the need for better boards, diversify the various types of boards, and create a need for excellent riders of different types.

Racing Esk8 can take on many forms: traditional track racing, rally style, off road, biathlon and many more variations.

Participating or watching, electric skateboard racing will be a thrilling experience for everyone.

Sign the Petition if you believe Electric Skateboard races should be included in the next XGames.

It’s time to spread the electric shred.

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