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Sacramento City Council
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Sacramento City residents have begun to notice an explosion of small, loud, motorized vehicles, such as tiny scooters and pocket bikes. They are extremely inexpensive and have begun to proliferate in certain neighborhoods as drug transportation and mobile sales posts. Without mufflers, they are also extreme noise polluters. They can be invisible to oncoming traffic and many underage drivers, down to 8 years old, are riding them on public residential streets.

Many auto parts and other stores are selling these vehicles at very low prices without regard to the consequences and lowering of quality of life in Sacramento and other neighborhoods.

Sacramento City Council must outline effective limitations (places for safe use, road visibility, noise, speed limits, proper insurance, DMV license and registration, required safety equipment) on the use of small motor vehicles, such as scooters, pocket bikes, and other varieties. Mufflers must be mandatory. Age limits and adequate safety equipment must be enforced. Significant, separate fines must be imposed for riders, parents, owners driving without mufflers and safety equipment. Extra fines in the amount of $10,000 and 500 hours of community service should be imposed for any use in crimes. Stores selling these vehicles without proper equipment or instructions in Sacramento city should be fined $1,000.00 per violation, meaning a single sale of a bike. All monies should be placed in a city K-12 fund for extracurricular activities.

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