EFA Members and Showing enthusiasts

What has happened:

At a recent EFA National Show Horse Committee meeting the State representatives made a unanimous decision to alter Lead Rein Classes for EFA Horse of the Year Events and National Lead Rein Titles.

The amendment:

As riders can move on and off the leading rein it was proposed to simplify the rules to align the leading rein pony height of not exceeding 12hh to be the same as the small pony height of not exceeding 12.2hhs.

Supported unanimously. To be effective 1 January 2009.


Leading Rein ponies are the beginning of the show pony” category. A Lead Rein Pony must not exceed 12hh and must be ridden by a child 3 years and under 8 years.

Rules & standard as set out by BSPS,WP& CS UK, WP& CS of Aust, RPSB (Aust), SHC (Aust) and RAS (Aust) amongst a few

The rule change made by the EFA makes them inconsistent with all of the above organisations, breeds and their events.

The Lead Rein pony is the first pony for the child to start their show riding; these ponies foster the Champions of the future.

The 12.2 pony is a Show Pony of larger stride & unsatisfactory to fulfil with role of the Lead Rein Pony.

Points of consideration for all members:

1. Items to be discussed at meetings should be made agenda items and made available to all delegates 14days prior to said meeting. As members we should be advised did this happen and did the states and members have time to discuss. If this didn’t happen the rule amendment should be made null and void due to error of procedure as set out in the constitution of the Equestrian Federation of Australia.

2. Items to be discussed at EFA National Show Horse Committee meetings should be brought back to the states prior to discussion and action at National level. This did not occur

3. States should be able to ask their members their opinion and assess the effect of any rule changes. This has not happened and the National delegates don’t consider it worthy of being discussed by members.

4. The EFA has a duty of care to consider safety for its child riders in any rules or changes to rules they make.

We, the undersigned, call on the EFA National Show Horse Committee and its representing delegates to immediately act and rescind the proposed rule change regarding heights of Lead Rein Ponies at EFA Horse of the Year events and National Championships.

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