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Over the past few years Coventry has been without an Ecology Officer. This period has also seen an increasing amount of development in Coventry, eating away at the city's green spaces and wildlife habitats.

Our campaign to save Whitley Abbey Lake from the Jaguar Business Park has been one recent example. Current issues could include the proposed housing development on a nature reserve near the Stonehouse estate and the development of Walsgrave hospital.

Every local authority should employ, or at least contribute to the employment of a dedicated and independent ecologist. The alternative to having no appointed ecologist is a substandard approach to strategic planning, planning control and green space management that results in illegal acts on protected species, neglect of sites, unnecessary damage to sites and a failure to seek adequate mitigation and compensation for legitimate habitat loss,

Preferable Coventry could either employ their own full-time ecologist to be located in the City, which will result in a better in-house relationship with planners, site managers, rangers etc; or they could buy into the County Ecology Unit.

To: Coventry City Council

We, the undersigned, call upon Coventry City Council to reinstate the post of Ecology Officer. The role of a dedicated, independent ecologist is central to strategic planning, planning control and green space management.

It ensures that protected species and important sites avoid neglect or unnecessary damage and promotes biodiversity.

This post also ensures wide and valuable links between council departments, developers and the local community.

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