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For over two months now, the zebra crossing outside Ecclesall Junior School, Ringinglow Road has not had a school crossing patrol (lollipop lady!).

I have had at least 5 incidents myself where cars have come from either direction and not stopped whilst we are waiting to cross. Every single parent I have spoken to has had the same experience. Some have even been "clipped" by cars who are too impatient to wait.....

This morning (18/12/14), a car was stopped at the zebra crossing and another car overtook this car and was lucky not to mow down the 6 or so children crossing at the time...

This really is an accident waiting to happen.....

I have started this petition to raise awareness of the issue and request that the following is considered asap:

- A new lollipop lady
- Police supervision until a lollipop lady is in place
- A pelican crossing
- A smiley speed sign near to the school in both directions
- Painting the road red with 20 mph signs painted in white

Is this just a case of red tape/money?

Does a child have to be killed or severely injured before action is taken?

We, the undersigned, call on Sheffield Council to put child safety first and make this the zebra crossing on Ringinglow Road a safe place for all to cross.

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