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I think it is wrong to expect victims of Scott Marlatt's ( ebaeseller -the way his company is spelled )( ORD OF THE SWORD, now advertized by Medievalists.net )slanderous, retaliatory feedback to have to pay to remove it!

It gets to point after a certain number of victims that it is obviously the sellers problem & not the buyers. E-Bay should recognise this and remove all negative feedback that this seller (and others like them) leave that is challenged by the buyers, especially when they make their feedback private, or are no longer registered users (or both, as in this case).

If buyers have already had money stolen by ebaeseller ( Scott Marlatt ) they should not have to pay more to get sellers lies removed from buyers record! They also do business as empire pets & empire swords.

ebaesellers negative feedback should be automatically removed at no cost to buyers due to obvious illegal activity by this seller.

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The ebaeseller : free removal of negative feedback petition to eBay was written by Tracy B. and is in the category Business at GoPetition.