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Healthy Jacksonville Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition
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Jacksonville's urban core also known as health zone one,although one of the smallest has the highest level of infant mortally, childhood obesity, asthma, diabetes, drop out, crime, and poor nutrition rates in the city. One of the ways that we would like to combat these problems is through a community garden.

Community gardens serve many purposes and have many benefits some of which include recreation & exercise, therapy, reducing family food budgets while increasing food security, social interaction, beautification, a sense of community, reducing crime and vandalism, constructive family time alternatives, fresh food and improved nutrition, and joy.

The Eastside Community Garden will be one of the pivotal parts of what needs to be done in order to increase the overall health and safety on the eastside along with bring back a sense of community.

We the undersigned are asking for funding to support the Eastside community gardens' healthy lifestyle program.

The healthy lifestyles program will provide education and incentives to assist the residents of the urban core to to live a healthy lifestyle.

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