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Eastern Michigan University
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95% of all eggs produced in America, including the eggs served at EMU, come from hens confined in tiny wire bottom cages. Hens are nurturing mothers; they get bored, frustrated, and they can suffer just like us. 350 universities in America have already adopted cage free egg purchasing policies, let’s make EMU next!

Please sign our petition asking EMU Food Service to adopt more humane, cage free, egg purchasing policies. No animal should have to live a life of misery just because it’s more profitable to do so.

The EMU Cage Free Campaign is sponsored by EMU Students for Animals Rights and GREEN

* Please use your @emich.edu e-mail address when signing this petition *

We, the undersigned staff, faculty, and students herby urge Eastern Michigan University to join with the nearly 350 universities across the country in adopting cage-free egg purchasing policies.

Over 95% of America’s eggs come from hens forced to live in overcrowded, wire bottom cages with less space to live their life than an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper.

These hens are unable to walk, spread their wings, forage, roost, build a nest, raise their young or engage in other natural behaviors.

We believe all animals deserve at least minimal welfare standards and are asking EMU to take a stand against these cruel confinement practices by (1) switching all of its eggs (both liquid and shell) to cage free and (2) to explore egg free alternatives when practical.

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