#Animal Welfare
Canadian Government

Last year, I watched a video called Earthlings, about animal abuse. It broke my heart.

Last year, my best friend got me to watch a video on youtube called Earthlings. Its not about aliens, but about how animals are being treated. Its about 2 hours long, and through the whole thing I was crying really hard and shaking. The way the animals are treated is horrible.

This petition is to show the Canadian government what is going on and try to get them to do something about it. Here is the link for Earthlings, but before you watch the whole thing, watch the trailer first. It is VERY graphic and disturbing. I warn against watching it if you have a weak stomach. The first link is the trailer, the the next link is the whole video. That you soo much is you end up watching it, even just the trailer. God Bless.

http://www.earthlings.com/ trailer

http://www.earthlings.com/earthlings/video-full.php full video

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