I am a gamer and a super smash brothers fan, I have probably played several thousand hours and thousands of games between all the smash bros to date!
This could be the last Super Smash Brothers ever created! I remember growing up as a kid playing earthworm Jim on my PC computer I believe I speak for every super smash brothers fan when I say I think it’s time we add the iconic and classic gaming character earth worm Jim!

Earthworm Jim move sets
Neutral B: gun attack
Up B: helicopter head
Forward B charging rocket attack
Down B “open to suggestions

All A button attacks will just be directional whip attacks he does with his head

And his special attack has to be Earthworm Jim unleashing that iconic vicious puppy on apposition players

We, the signers of this epic petition demand Earth Worm Jim be added to super smash brothers latest sequel!

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