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Federal Prison
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Sherric Deshawn Guess was arrested for a drug violation. He was sentenced to 30 years in a Federal Prison. His release date is 2022.

The Department of Corrections will grant an appropriate good time allowance for offenders who committed offenses prior to January 31, 1997 pursuant to MCA § 53-30-105 (repealed).

The good time allowance provides a credit on the offender’s sentence. The Department will award any good time credits that a court orders the Department to give an offender unless the court rescinds or amends the order.

We, the undersigned request an early release for Sherric Deshawn Guess. Deshawn is a good person and very sorry for what he has done. Our son just wants an opportunity to prove it.

During his time in prison he has taken advantage of many programs that were offered to help him become a better person.

If he is granted parole his family is prepared to give him all the support he needs to ensure that he does not return to prison or a negative lifestyle again.

Thank you for your time.


Rickey & Ladrian Niblet

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