Too many people are dying young or cervical cancer as they are not making testing an option for under 25's which means that you need to go private .so if you can't afford private screening then if you have cancer you just won't know untill worst case senecio it is incurable .

I was recently told I could not have a early cancer screening by my GP surgery as I am not 25. However it is a common cancer in my family with my mother having to have a hysterectomy and my sister having abnormal cells burnt off before they became cancerous . I also am a young mum and have a baby which also increases your chances at a younger age . Early screening should have been an option for me and others in similar situations but it's not because for some reason they believe that you can't have cervical cancer under 25? Too many young women are dying because they are being turned away when they think they have a problem one girl in particular was refused at 17 and by her screening at 25 was dying of INCURABLE cervical cancer . They need to bring the age down particularly for those who's families are at a higher risk or who have children young and most importantly if it is requested .
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