#Neighborhood Living
Eagle Homes Inc.
United States of America

On Thursday August 23, 2007 Several houses were flooded as a result of poor design to the retention ponds in the Prairie Springs subdivision.

The Run-off of the cornfields to the west of Prairie Springs subdivision, caused the retention ponds to becomes to high and water was pushed into several basements through the sump wells.

Because of this poor design several people lost their hot water heaters and furnaces not to mention the mold that will grow. Each of the houses were not also supplied with large enough sump and injector pumps and some of these pumps are running constantly when there was just a little rain.

Eagle Homes Warranty Service Manager Ron Payton personally will not take the blame for this and is pushing the residents to resolve the issue alone.

We would like these and other issues resolved by eagle homes so in the future this problem would not exist.

We, the undersigned, call onto Eagle Homes Inc. to fix the Run-off issue caused by the cornfields and all problems caused by the flooding (i.e. water heaters, furnaces, sump and injector pumps, damaged drywall, and the removal of any mold present in the basements).

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