Electronic Arts / Bullfrog

In 1999, Bullfrog released Dungeon Keeper 2. Bundled with the game, was a teaser trailer for a then-in production Dungeon Keeper 3.

In March 2000, due to the EA takeover of Bullfrog, Dungeon Keeper 3 was cancelled, to pursue less risky video games, such as Harry Potter.

When questioned about the Dungeon Keeper, EA claimed that there are no plans in the near-future to produce yet another sequel to add to the franchise.

Dungeon Keeper is a highly popular video game - but due to the lack of support from EA, regarding patches, and technical support, it has lost out on many many sales.

We, the undersigned, insist that EA keep Bullfrog's original promise, and produce yet another terrific addition for the Dungeon Keeper series.

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