#Игры (В частности Command and Conquer: Rivals)

I think that you all seen that ugly 3D Kane, and you (at least bigger part of you) want to destroy the game. But, unfrotunately for this peoples, it impossible to do. But we at least can change this Kane, to replace Joe Kucan with that model. Who wants? If you want it, you should to accept the petition, and to hope that Electronic Arts will hear us, and they would do it! My personal opinion: I glad it, but else want to Joe Kucan would be a real Kane even in the game

"We, peoples which accepted it, wants to Electronic Arts replace the 3D Model of Kane with Joe Kucan, to be an actor, which would play Kane in his video and photo imagings"

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The EA, please, replace this 3D Kane with Joe Kucan to be a Kane in Command and Conquer: Rivals petition to GET JOE KUCAN BACK! was written by Valeriy Golovenko and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.