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In 1991, Trip Hawkins (Head of EA Games) formed a company called 3DO. That company is the one behind

Army Men, Might and Magic and Heroes of Might and Magic series. All of which were a big success.

All the games were designed very well, and are still some of the best strategy games(Heroes of Might and Magic III) today.

In 2003, 3DO went bankrupt. Ubisoft bought rights to Heroes of Might and Magic and released 2 sequels (V and VI), putting the game in a 3D world and just changing pretty much everything good about the series.

Trip Hawkins is now the head of EA Games.

This a petition to make EA Games buy the rights to Heroes once again and make it good again.

We want Trip Hawkins (Founder of 3DO (bankrupt) and EA Games) to buy the rights for Heroes of Might and Magic III from Ubisoft.

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The EA: Buy the rights to Heroes of Might and Magic petition to EA Games was written by Marko Pipercevic and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.