#Local Government
Kent County Council and Stagecoach South East
United Kingdom

The E route bus that serves Little Burton Farm and the 121 service are being cut. This leaves Little Burton without adaquete regular services, and severely restricts the avaialbility and flexibiity of residents to take sustainable forms of transport. This petition calls for these services to be continued and for a review of the services being provided to Little Burton Farm to be undertaken. It is unacceptable that this part of Ashford is disenfranchised in such a manner when major development for the area is being planned.

We the undersigned call for Stagecoach, KCC and Ashford Borough Council to commit to providing the E route for Little Burton Farm and to a halt in the service cessation.

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The E-lINE Essential - Infrastructure ahead of development petition to Kent County Council and Stagecoach South East was written by Marion Martin and is in the category Local Government at GoPetition.