Professor Chris Higgins
United Kingdom

The UK government plans to cut funding to education, particularly to teaching in higher education and schemes which are aimed to encourage those from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend university. This will likely result in tuition fees being trebled to £9,000 per year. Someone studying a four year course would leave university with debts in excess of £48,000 including maintenance loans.

This Petition calls on those that run Durham University to oppose these decisions:

We, the staff and students undersigned, respectfully call on Professor Chris Higgins to use his position as Vice Chancellor of Durham University to make a public statement to the effect of the following:

- To oppose the government cuts to the higher education budget and the subsequent rise in tuition fees.

- To oppose the government cuts to programmes such as EMA and AimHigher, which can only serve to further restrict access to our universities.

- To declare that the university will not privatise.

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