#Civil Rights
Dubuque City Council
United States of America

The City of Dubuque is considering an ordinance that would make it illegal to refuse to rent to someone based on income source which would mean you would be FORCED to participate in the section 8 program (being renamed Housing Choice Voucher Program). There are MANY valid, nondiscriminatory reasons for not participating in the Section 8 program.

Participation in the program requires a property owner to sacrifice many private property rights and forces the operator to comply with burdensome government regulations and procedures which can seriously compromise the performance and financial viability of a property, which may include: entering into housing assistance payment contracts, amendments of landlord's leases, and compliance with additional required regulations not normally attendant to conventional housing. Please join us Realtors & Property Owners and oppose this addition. We have started a petition to take to City Council & please attend the Monday, December 19th City Council meeting where they will be voting on this matter. Make your voice count! Together we can spread the word and build the petition numbers even higher!

We respectfully request that the City Council of Dubuque, Iowa reject a plan to create another protected class which includes people who have a Section 8 Housing Voucher. We ask that the council protect the right of property ownership to participate voluntarily or to not participate as owners see fit with their business property.

We assert that being forced to sign a contract with the Federal Government violates our constitutional rights. As stakeholders and partners with the City of Dubuque, we ask that owners of property continue to have the freedom of choice. Further, we feel that enough owners willingly participate and no shortage of housing exists in our community.

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