ASADA has been investigating alleged illegal sport drugs used by Cronulla Sharks players back in 2011, since beginning of 2013. This investigation has been a long process and it is, currently, no where near the end.

It, literally, has costed us:
- Sponsorship
- Contract of players
- Head coach
- $1 million in fine

Not to mention other intangible matters;
- Confidence in our players
- Currently we are sitting last on the table (as of 27 May 2014)

It's been a heavy punishment of something that has not been finalised. If ASADA don't have anything against the club, they should leave us alone. But If they do, please proceed immediately. Don't drag us to the mud and leave us there.

We, the undersigned, call on the ASADA to cease the case against the Cronulla Sharks players, coaches, trainers and board of management.

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