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Stop Islamic extremism: Save the Prophet's tomb & Great Pyramids

One man.

One man is the most responsible for Islamic extremism.

Wikipedia describes him as the "most influential Wahhabi Muslim religious and legal authority in Saudi Arabia."

The Saudi King appointed this man Grand Mufti in 1999.

These men should not be called Muslims. They do not follow the traditional compassionate teachings of Islam.

They, and most Saudi, are best called Wahhabi.

"Wahhabism emerged only 250 years ago under the guidance of an obscure fanatic known as Muhammad Ibn 'Abd al-Wahhab who later formed an alliance with a group of desert bandits, the Sauds."

See: http://www.meforum.org/535/saudi-arabia-and-the-rise-of-the-wahhabi-threat

Compassion has no room in the soul of the Wahhabi. They consider it a religious duty to convert everyone. It is also a duty to remove temptations that lure a current member away.

Other religions, and traditional Islamic teachings, are not tolerated. Anything supporting these is "rightly" destroyed. This includes churches, temples, and ancient cities. It includes the Great Pyramids and everything supporting traditional Islamic teachings.

"Sami Alawi, the founder and former director of Mecca’s Hajj Research Center and opponent of the destruction of Mecca’s historic sites, estimates that over 300 antiquity sites in Mecca and Medina have already been destroyed, such as the house of the first caliph, Abu Bakr, which was leveled to make room for the Mecca Hilton Hotel.

An ancient house belonging to the Prophet Mohammed was recently razed to make room for a public toilet facility."

See: https://worldshiaforum.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/are-the-saudi-wahhabi-clergy-waiting-for-an-opportunity-to-destroy-the-prophets-mosque-in-medina-by-ali-taj/

An uncompleted task for the Wahhabi is the destruction of the Green Dome and Prophet's tomb. They claim 750 year old historic Islamic building and the tomb cause Muslims to stray from their (Wahhabi) beliefs. The Grand Mufti issued a fatwa and deemed its destruction an obligation.

It is important to notice where many requests for fatwa originate. They do not always come from Islamic teachings. Instead, these fatwa endorse a government position.

The fatwa against the Prophet's tomb can be traced to a 61 page justification first approved by the House of Saud.

When the House of Sauds called for the destruction of churches, the Grand Mufti supplied a matching fatwa. 15 March 2012

When members of the House needed to justify young girls as wives, the Grand Mufti declared 10 years old to be okay.

Other Grand Mufti in each country follow his example.

A fatwa now exists making it a religious duty to destroy everything from Christian churches, Catholic Cathedrals, Hindu Temples, ancient cities, sculptures, and graveyards.

Muslims now have a duty to kill every American, Brit, Frenchman, and Italian. Fatwa Philippines

It is okay to gang rape young girls, if they are not Muslims. Fatwa Iraq

The Great Pyramids should be leveled. Fatwa Kuwait

Proposed Change:
The Grand Mufti must withdraw the destructive fatwa he issued. He can defy his mega yacht masters. He can demonstrate he follows core Islamic teachings of compassion, love, and peace. He can condemn destruction and violence in the name of the House of Saud.

Please sign this petition and forward so all understand the root of Islamic extremism.

To: The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al Shaykh

You caused Islamic extremism.

1. Your fatwa to destroy the Green Dome and the Prophet's tomb has divided Muslim against Muslim. Destruction of this ancient Islamic site is too important for other Muslims to ignore.

2. Your fatwa to destroy non-Muslim places of worship has divided Muslims from all other people. Muslims now stand charged with crimes you endorsed. Muslims have destroyed over 1000 churches, bulldozed ancient cities, turned Catholic Cathedrals into Mosques, and committed every form of terroristic act from gang rapes and beheadings to ethnic cleansing. It is your name and the House of Saud that will forever association with this horror.

3. Your fatwa against Muslim girls shocked the world. A10 year old girl is not okay for an arranged marriage to a 60 year old man. Aren't his 3 other wives and string of divorced wives enough?

These 3 fatwa you issued have been duplicated around the world and have become more extremist each time. Retract these 3 fatwa and any similar ones.

We request that you issue 2 new fatwa.

1. The Fatwa Against A Destructive Fatwa
Any fatwa that calls upon Muslims to murder, rape, steal from, expel, evict, shun, fire, or commit similar harmful act against another person of any faith shall be deemed a destructive fatwa. Additionally, any fatwa requiring or permitting a Muslim to damage homes, businesses, lands, places of worship, heritage or similar act shall also be deemed a destructive fatwa.

All destructive fatwa issued in any place, or time, shall be ignored and publicly denounced by all Muslims.

Anyone that issues a destructive fatwa shall be deemed a non-Muslim.

Any Muslim that continues to follow or venerate anyone that issues a destructive fatwa shall also be deemed a non-Muslim.

Return of these non-Muslims to the faith requires publicly denouncing the fatwa in newspaper, the Internet, and in the Mosque during Saturday prayer to the satisfaction three different Courts of Sharia.

Instructions: Supply the Court with a signed document detailing the destructive fatwa that you no longer support. Include proofs you made your new position known to the best of your ability to other Muslims.

Any adult Muslim that acts upon a destructive fatwa and causes destruction shall be forever considered a non-Muslim. They are no longer permitted to refer to themselves as Muslims. All Muslims shall report to the best of their ability anyone that causes destruction according to a destructive fatwa to civilian authorities for prosecution. It is not a matter for a Sharia Court since that person is not Muslim.

2. The Fatwa Prohibiting Exploiting Islam
Islam is not to be exploited as a tool against people to force them to adhere to a position. Islam is a free religion and not a shackle to bind people. No Muslim is to prevent the personal choice associated with a free religion. Non-Muslims may become Muslims, and Muslims can freely become non-Muslims.

No governments influenced by Muslims shall issue national identity cards, passports, licenses, birth certificates, visas, applications, or similar that require or even have the option of indicating that the person is Muslim or non-Muslim. It shall be the duty of all Muslims to object to any labeling of this nature and demand identifications or forms be changed. Any markings on existing documentation of this nature shall be scratched out or overwritten so men will stop exploiting Islam to further their political goals and bind people.

No governments or businesses influenced by Muslims shall continue to utilize a personal religion, be it Muslim or non-Muslim, as a basis to hire, fire, promote, compensate, or serve clients. No special discounts, additional scholarships, student aid, or taxes are to be tolerated that are related to a person's religion.

No governments or business influenced by Muslims shall create division by designating local, national, or international areas as Muslim or non-Muslim. Further no encouragement, or discouragement shall be imposed on areas based on the religion of the people living there. Specifically, there shall be no trade barriers, and travel restrictions. These are only the political aims of man and Islam should not be exploited for man's chess games.

That no Muslim family member shall denounce or reject another family member based upon appearance, sex, sexuality, career, or association with a love of their choice.

Note: Existing fatawa that call upon Muslims to reject their children are destructive fatawa.


We the undersigned individuals and businesses.

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