Ugandans all Over the World

Out nation is in the midst of an era of historic proportions. From massive corruption, rule of law, police brutality, disrespect of institutions, disrespect of kingdoms etc, we believe our nation is in need of change.

Amanya Mushega has the experience, temperament, credibility and leadership skill to bring the desired change. He has the vision, integrity and diplomatic prowess. And we need someone who can inspire and lead and can win. That is why we are trying to convince him to run for presidency in 2011.

Amanya on the Constitution:So when we differed with some Ugandans on changing the Constitution, I was EAC Secretary General. I had a job. Was I disgruntled or was I opposed to some issues on grounds of principle? It seems to some Ugandans, when one doesn’t agree with you, one is disgruntled. You cease to see the reasons for the disagreement. If I were to sing the Movement party song today, I think I would score higher than some of those doing it, because nobody would doubt me. But I don’t know how to live a lie. And at this late stage I cannot sacrifice my principles at the altar of goodies. So I am not disgruntled at all, because I stood my ground. It was a mistake for us to tamper with a provision of the Constitution that had not been tested. So I think you should separate disagreements on principle, and agreements based on opportunism- Sunday Monitor Interview October 27 2007

“Had we kept term limits and for the first time had a peaceful hand-over of power, there would not have been the creation of numerous districts at ago, there would not have been black mambas and club-wielding chaps, there would be no hand-over of national assets arbitrarily, and this Mabira everyone is talking about.”
-New Vision April 19th 2007

Therefore, we recognize the significant challenges facing our great nation and realize that only with bold leadership can we return Uganda to its position of dignity.

We call upon Amanya Mushega an accomplished and principled leader with vast experience, wisdom and vision to run for President of Uganda in 2011.

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