British Columbia

Hi friends and neighbours,

Dr. Bonnie Henry has helped guide and protect our communities with one of the best COVID-19 response strategies in the world. We are deeply grateful for her care, wisdom, level-headed decisiveness – and her earnest counsel to “Be kind, be calm and be safe”.

When this crisis is finally over, let’s thank her with a commemorative gesture that not only expresses our deep gratitude, but is also a permanent reminder to British Columbians that life is as fragile as it is beautiful.

The sublimely beautiful Jubilee Fountain in Stanley Park’s Lost Lagoon has long been a symbol of human ingenuity and natural beauty working together. We think that restoring and renaming it the Dr. Bonnie Henry Fountain would be a worthy and inspired way to help convey our thankfulness to ‘Dr. Bonnie’ for all her tireless and brilliant efforts to keep us safe.

The team at Vancouver Parks Board does a spectacular job of keeping our parks and green spaces among the most stunning and well-maintained in the country. With this petition, we’d like to humbly ask the great Parks Board team for their support and advocacy in making the Dr. Bonnie Henry Fountain a reality.

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