All pro-Zim Petitions and Nickeldeon!

Invader Zim may be loved by many people, but I absoulty despise this reatarded show, a friend of mine named Easterling44 and I have both pointed out influence of drugs and terrorism on this show, it is quiet obvious that the show put's bad ideas into kids heads and needs to go!

I understand that Zim is already cancelled, but I WOULD LIKE TO SHUT UP ALL PRO-ZIM PETITIONS! Thats final!

We, the undersigned, would like Invader Zim to be cancelled, and for all pro-zim petitions on this site to be shut down.

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The Down With Invader Zim! petition to All pro-Zim Petitions and Nickeldeon! was written by Mr. I Like Fudge and is in the category Television at GoPetition.