Governor General of Australia

The Australian government is inept & incompetent. It has mismanaged the GFC, BER, Pink Batts, Boat People, Mining Boom, Climate Change, NBN, Indigenous Housing & Intervention, Murray Darling Water, Live Cattle Exports, and Set Top Boxes amongst other things.

The government lies and backflips. Labour is in minority government with a bunch of loonies, and currently garners support of less than 30% of Australian' according to Newspoll.

We the undersigned believe the Australian government is not acting according to the wishes of the majority of Australian citizens.

The minority government with the loony Greens and independents is not supported by Australians and can only be undone by a double dissolution and the calling of a new Federal election immediately.

We call on the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and issue writs for a new Federal election immediately.

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The Double Dissolution and New General Election petition to Governor General of Australia was written by Harry Newman and is in the category Government at GoPetition.